Public Relations Blogging Writing Workshop– Deer Hunting

The great debate of deer hunting has been constant with animal lovers and sportsmen all over. There are good reasons to hunt deer:

  • controls herd size,
  • prevents disease, and
  • provides food

According to Greg Keefer, deer that are too numerous leads to starvation among their groups, “eating themselves out of house and home,” but that allows hunting to contribute to the control of the population, rather than having an overflow of deer throughout the U.S. Due to overpopulation, herds of deer can cause the spread of disease; while they are social creatures, they are not to be in close quarters with many others.

In helping to accommodate the control of deer, hunting them is one of the options to solving the problem. Many people will have to undergo a hunting training course, especially for beginners. One should also accompany an individual who has been hunting for many years and who knows what they are doing. Depending on if this hunting is using archery bows or guns, you have to know the rules of basic firearm usage and bow safety. Prior to getting a hunting license, you have to scope out the land you will be hunting on- whether that is with trail cameras or just walking through the timber and fields.

The top two guns that are best for deer hunting are muzzleloaders and slug guns. Muzzleloader use for deer season is during one weekend in December for Illinois hunters. They must be at least a .45 caliber being shot through at least a 16-inch barrel. Muzzleloaders can only be used with black powder, such as Pyrodex. Slug guns, such as a Remington or Mossberg rifles, are best shot at 50 yards with 12-gauge slugs, but are reliable guns when shooting 150- to 200- yards. Other ammunition season for deer hunting is one weekend in November and one weekend in December.


The deer most hunters go after are the bucks, who, of course, continue to increase of deer populations. Hunters also go for the bucks because of the rack. Scoring consists of the measurement of the rack, from right antler to left antler. Some also determine whether or not to shoot a buck based on the length of their body- from nose to tail, and the size and weight of the buck. Points are figured out by how many “spikes” a deer has on their antlers.

Once the hunter has chosen a buck of his liking, the deer is either shot with a gun or bow- again, depending on the season. A trip to the taxidermy or meat shop is the next stop for the buck and its predator.

If the hunter is looking to get the deer head mounted, they want the deer to still “look alive.” Taxidermists usually mount from the shoulders of the deer to the head, but some do work on the whole body of the deer. Prices vary on whom you go to in order to get this done.


Not only is deer hunting a sport, but it is also helping the environment reduce disease and overpopulation. Hunting is a positive way of supply food to others, but keeping down the increase of deer everywhere.


8 thoughts on “Public Relations Blogging Writing Workshop– Deer Hunting

  1. I have a couple of uncles who hunt deer, and they always tell me the reason they hunt are because of the same reasons you named. I think one of the most important ones is that it helps keep overpopulation down. There are deer related accidents, and it’s good to know that those can be prevented through hunting efforts. I like that you gave the basics of deer hunting and the guns used, but I have to admit I was confused on all the different guns. Also, the other point on using deer as food is a good example because my family and I love deer meat in the winter to replace regular meat. We enjoy the deer meat in spaghetti, probably sounds gross to most people though.

  2. that’s a great point of view to have, because you have so many people talking down on hunting because it is hurting the animals. but what they do not realize is that the animals killed supply food and nourish our bodies. it’s not like they are being killed for no reason.

  3. Anything that helps the environment is always a great thing and this will help those who thinking deer hunting is wrong a view of the other side of it. This helps people along with the environment is many ways. Hunting provides people wit an alternative supply of meat so we are not dependent on cows and pigs.

    1. In a way, I think that those who choose to hunt have been influenced by a family member. From my standpoint, I never really cared about hunting until I learned about it through friends.

      Some cultures hunt their food in order to survive- which is a key point for us as humans. Depending on where they live or what they are surrounded by, deer may be the primary source of meat to kill.

  4. I believe that one of the reasons deer were put on this earth is for our consumption. Not only can you eat there meat but you can use their fur for warmth, and other things. I also think population control is very important. As a native of springfield I have seen the effects deer can have when there are too many deer. I went to high school in pleasant plains and there were wrecks every year caused from deer. As a child I always looked forward to my dad bringing deer meat home, especially deer jerky!! I personally think that hunting is so boring, and don’t understand the “fun” in it. Sitting in the cold, early in the morning for hours waiting hoping to see a deer, but since I like deer meat, and I agree with controlling the population, I say more power to the people who enjoy the sport!

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