A Letter to Me

Dear Me, I thought I’d just tell you how strong of a person you are, in case you didn’t know. Yes, you’ve been through a hell of a lot recently, and you are trying to find your place in this big world. Finding a career after graduating college is tough for some, easier for others. … More A Letter to Me

Springfield, Missouri: Hidden Treasures and Fine Foods

A couple of months back, my parents and I decided to use up some vacation time to do a little traveling and kick back. The planning process of where to go actually took longer than the actual drive to our destination. Our decision: Springfield, Missouri. We did not do a whole lot on this “long … More Springfield, Missouri: Hidden Treasures and Fine Foods

Motivation Struggle

Well, I have finally reached that moment in a writer’s life where one has NO IDEA what to write about. Uh oh. So I ended 2014 as a graduate from my university with a Bachelor’s in Communication Arts, and with an amazing GPA. I could not be more happier with that accomplishment. Now that I … More Motivation Struggle

Spread the Word!

At the beginning of the school year, I have taken on the an internship position at my university. Currently, in my last semester of my undergraduate career, I am the Editor in Chief of the school’s very first online/print newspaper! I have to say that so far, it’s been stressful. It is something that I … More Spread the Word!

Life Update

Hey all! Just an update of why I haven’t been writing much recently. School started up about a month ago, and with it being my last semester of senior year, they are really dragging me through the mud with assignments and everything! (Not literally, but it’s a LOT of work) On top of that I … More Life Update